Looking for innovation, competition and location advantages, and other resource optimization, our think tank activities and the work on scientific discourses form valuable contributions. Furthermore, as a consulting company, we place much value on our own contribution to scientific discourse and to disseminate the latest findings. Due to our academic claim, we publish and regularly distribute thematic essays, opinion posts and comprehensive analyzes and reports with respect to the dynamic cultural and economic region of China and its role in a global economy and society.

An optimistic view on Chinese direct-investments in Germany

Dr. Diana Kisro-Warnecke, Johannes Dahlke
Just bronze: Germany ranks third worldwide for target countries of Chinese outbound direct investments. In the country of World Champions, one usually isn’t particularly satisfied with finishing third. Yet in this case, many people in Germany would have preferred a much lower ranking. The reason: In 2015, 35 German companies were acquired by Chinese investors. In Germany, the Chinese investors mainly target Hidden Champions in the sectors of technology and mechanical engineering. Therefore, concerns about reductions of jobs and production facilities as well as the fear of the outflow of valuable know-how are rapidly growing. This essay shows, which of these concerns turn out to be unjustified and how German companies can benefit from Chinese investments.


The dragon´s hunger for talents
Challenges for human resources in manufacturing in China under Made in China 2025 background

Tongwei YANG
Human resources are massively stressed in the “Made in China 2025” plan, as manufacturers in China are facing endangering labor shortage problems, especially in terms of skilled workers and innovative talents. Specific measures need to be conducted finally to cope with challenges like low-skilled workers and the lagging vocational training. On the way finding solutions, China cooperates intensively with its foreign business partners – at home and abroad. Possible solutions to this problem are discussed in this essay.


The buying dragon
Current status of the German real estate market and Chinese investments

Dr. Diana Kisro-Warnecke, Feodora Weinmiller

“China shopping for German Real Estate” This headline could be on top of today’s newspapers. Last year Chinese real estate investments in Europe increased 22%, reaching EUR 8.5 billion. By 2020 Chinas foreign outward investment is said to triple to almost 20 trillion US Dollars, of which 11% goes into real estate. This month, Ted Li, Head of EMEA China Desk at Cushman & Wakefield said that Chinese investment flows in Europe will focus particularly on Germany. Does Germany now have to fear and prepare for a buying dragon scenario in their real estate market?


Recoding Sino-German Economy: Digital Revolution
Opportunities and risks at times of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025

Dr. Diana Kisro-Warnecke, Maximilian Wirzbinna
Germany is an industrial country with more than 100 years of tradition. Products and machines are – Made in Germany – and because of their high quality and reliability internationally popular. With the official start of the federal program Industry 4.0 the next industrial era was set in motion: the age of digitalization. The music industry and book trade are impressive examples of the rapid change and the revolution of old structures. Digitalization does not stop at long-established industries. The most recent example is the banking industry, which is experiencing the rise of Fintechs and new technologies such as blockchain. They have the potential to determine the rise and fall of entire economies.


… Because it crunches vigorously and is in perfect harmony
Made in China 2025 meets industry 4.0 (This article can also be found in ChinaContact 11/2015)

Dr. Diana Kisro-Warnecke
The world is ready for the future. At least make us believe the two competing models for the future; both Made in China 2025 as well as (German) Industry 4.0 call a revolution, which has been designed by top government agency . In China, this presents every five years a normal situation; but for affected industries in Germany, this is a sensation. The models provide explosives to blow up all economic structures sustainably and circulate companies completely – and they provide two countries with the chance to catapult themselves to the top of the economic world.


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